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How the West can Prevail against ISIS

For the West to prevail against ISIS is more possible than is commonly recognized. But we may have to change our thinking. Perspectives on ISIS ISIS is vulnerable. In spite of its terrorist attacks, it is not a security threat to any … Continue reading

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Perspectives on ISIS

ISIS is a radical Islamist group that uses military force and terror to seek to re-establish the ancient Muslim caliphate. It has changed its name several times. This one stands for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”After its capture … Continue reading

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The Urgent Need for a Change in US Middle East Policy

ISIS and the spread of radical Islam pose a threat to peace in many parts of the world today. Similar movements have sprung up in other countries and the Muslim world itself is in turmoil. Large numbers of refugees from … Continue reading

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The Three Periods of Islamic History

In order to understand what is going on in today’s world, it is helpful to know something about Islamic history. An oversimplified but useful first step in understanding it is to think of it as comprising three periods, the last … Continue reading

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The Cost of American Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Civilian Casualties Most people would consider the deaths of 1.3 million civilians a holocaust. We in the USA hardly hear of the toll our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken on civilians there. But according to a long and … Continue reading

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